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Outstanding efficiency and overload capacity

The xtender multifunctional battery inverters offer an optimal management of all energy sources that can be found in offgrid, ongrid and hybrid systems. With 30+ years of experience from manufacturing power electronics in Switzerland, studer designed the xtender to provide reliable power to any application and to work with all types of battery technology. The xtender has a 10-year warranty.

Perfect AC source management: peak power shaving, active load filtering

Self-consumption strategies, battery priority (or to renewable sources)

Compatible with AC coupling and all battery technologies (incl. lithium)

Advanced battery accessories

bts 01

Temperature sensor


Advanced battery processor (lead-acid)

xcom CAN

Communication with lithium BMS

Display, datalogger, monitoring and communication

rcc 02/03

Configuration, display, datalogger

xcom LAN/GSM

Remote monitoring (Portal & App)

xcom 232i/CAN/485i

Communication bridges (openstuder)

Compatible accessories


solar charge controller

ecf 01

Cooling fan for xts


Three-phase mounting frame for xth

arm 02

External auxiliary contacts module

rcm 10

Remote control module